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Readers Respond: Where, When, and What Evidence Is There for the Swastika

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The history of the swastika

The clockwise swastika is another symbol of proof of who our creator is. It's a configuration of the letter Y. The letter Y can be found all around us as proof of who our creator is; the palm of our hands, trees & branches, leafs when looked upon are shaped or have lines running thru them in the shape of the letter Y. Keep in mind trees are the main douce of oxygen for what we need to live. I believe the clockwise swastika (the oldest symbol known) is another symbol of proof that our creator's name is YHWH pronounced Yahweh the true Hebrew name of our creator
—Guest Eric phillips

Swastika = Mark of the Sun

The mark is much older than Christ, Buddha, and even Hinduism. It represents the Sun and its movement across the North Sky. Four lines extend out from the center as the Sun's rays, forming a "Cross". Each ray extends into another line, clockwise, to represent the Sun's east to west motion across the Northern Sky. "Swastik" (Sanskrit word) - "Swa" means Sun, and "tik" means mark. Swastika literally means "Mark of the Sun" in ancient Sanskrit. The Swastika is known now as a Nazi symbol, but it predates most of Western cultures. It is common in Hindu temples much older than Christ or Buddha. The original symbol is common around the world because it represents a global icon, the Sun. The first farmers realized the Sun provides warmth, light, life, and everything else around us. The Sun is the closest thing to a natural "God", which is why so many ancient cultures worshiped it. Since man first learned to farm, he has worshiped the Sun, and the Swastika is a very common symbol of the Sun.
—Guest Prometheus


As far as use in Christianity, swastika can be found on gothic churches and was representation of Christ's win over death. At least, that's what the history books say.
—Guest boing

Native ignorance.

"The swastika is a Hindu sign and originated in India." Despite the fact that I'm and Indian (British upbringing), this fact was entirely unknown to me until I revisited my home city of Calcutta and saw one carved on part of a wall overhung with moss Being very young, I still couldn't believe it could possibly have any connection with bigoted, murderous maniacs a continent away. Thankfully, I later learned I was right.

swastika=sun cross

the swastika has been a popular symbol of luck, prosperity, feminism, peace, harmony, eternity, the four directions (north, south, east, west,) the circle of rebirth, wealth, well-being and many many other meanings for several thousands of years, spanning all the way from mesoamerica to europe, through the middle-east and eastern europe, india and the rest of asia for several thousands of years, almost always with positive meaning. just because some genocidal freak took it, changed it by putting it into a spinning motion, and used it to torture humanity for about 15 years does not take away from its true symbolism. i got a buddhist tattoo of one on the back of my neck b/c it is an eastern peace sign, and as my own symbol of rejection of western culture. i dont have to explain it to anyone--americans need to read more. its my way of flipping off the ignorant...i love it and hope it brings me all the positive attributes that millions of ppl in the east have believed for millenia!
—Guest amanda

I Just Remembered!

Just so everyone knows, the original swastika with the four L's that I mentioned in my previous case is life, luck, love, and LIGHT [light was the one I forgot in my last case].
—Guest Jo

Swastika Origin

I always thought that the swastika was a symbol of life, luck, love, and [another l-lettered word that I can't remember], used by the Aztecs. I have also heard that its earliest archaelogical recording is over 3,000 years ago in Troy, but it cannot remember if that particular source was credible. The symbol was then reversed by the Nazis (it meant from four "L's" to the symbol we know today), so now it means death, bad luck, hatred, and [whatever is the opposite of the word I can't remember-I'll leave a comment if I can ever remember...].
—Guest Jo


Its human nature to claim good to their own name to feel good,but truth is that Rig veda the first recored text in human history has symbols of sawatika and it belonged to Arya putras,a pure Aryan symbol meaning goodness peace and love.


I once saw three earthen ware plates from the ancient middle east. The 1st was a girl running surrounded by little scorpion men. It looked like someone's idea of the moon at the time. The second was the same motif but more stylized. The third was a swastika...the girl had become a swastika... surrounded by the little scorpion men. Hey! The death mask of Agamemnon, Son of Atreus, King of men, housed in a museum in Athens, is an exact image of Adolf Hitler! It is said that a soul's outer garment, the body, resembles itelf from life to life.
—Guest hofontaine

The Swastika in the IVC

Mr. Aditya Bose is quite wrong. The earliest archaeological evidence of a swastika motif dates from the late Paleolithic Age 10,0000 BC. It appears on birds carved on mammoth tusk and the motif is etched at the spot where the bird's feet should be. This carving is depicted on page 117 of Joseph Campbell's 'Flight of the Wild Gander': Explorations in the Mythological Dimension (2002ed). Mr. Bose the Indo-Europeans brought the swastika symbol to India. It did not originate in the IVC. Further , it is a Sanskrit word in origin so how could it be an IVC word since the language of the IVC is not deciphered as yet?
—Guest Juven Bachan

Jewish Symbol and the Swastika

I do not know if you have ever watched a movie called "One Night With the King" but it is based on the biblical story of Esther. In the movie Haman has a symbol forged by his ancestors that is supposed to represent the grudge held against the Jews. The symbol has twelve different lines on it, representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Every time a tribe was annihilated, or thought to be annihilated, a line was removed. Judging by that, the swastika, has fewer lines than the original symbol, and it is my guess that Hitler tried to finish off the remaining Jews.
—Guest Who knows for sure

Native American Swastika

The Swastika also exists as a Native American symbol, on pots, stone carvings, etc. from very early periods. This suggests that the Swastika is either an "intuitive" universal symbol from the Collective Unconscious; or, that it dates as a symbol from a time when Humankind was One Tribe, possibly in Africa, before we dispersed all over the globe. That would make the symbol even much more ancient than any visual examples of it yet preserved. I understand that in Native American cultures, it represents the Sun; but of course it could have multiple meanings. The basic meaning seems to be, to represent Energy. It is a Dynamic, moving symbol. The Nazis DID get the Swastika from the Tibetans; they were very interested in Tibetan culture and sent expeditions there, when Tibet was little-known to the outside world. They recognized that the Swastika does have Energy contained within it; Energy that can be positive or negative. It directly contributed, unfortunately, to their success.
—Guest Anthropologist


The swastika is a Hindu sign and originated in India. Hitler's one is tilted at 45 degrees. He actually got it from Tibet. You can see all the history in British Museum.The Hindu meaning is "serve all,love all. Even today in a house warming ceremony, the priest puts a swastika sign at the entrance. I will give full details later.
—Guest raja thill

Swastika in Indus Valley civilization.

My comment is in repudiation to guest Juven Bachan's observation. It is sad when history falls prey to chauvinism and blissful ignorance is substituted for scholarship. 'Swastika' in its truest form has always been a part of the 'Hindu' consciousness and the historical continuity of this symbol can be traced back to the farthest antiquity despite the eurocentric view of history in the early 20th century that coloured most findings. To those interested in bare facts, you could find Indus valley seals bearing the swastika symbols from probably 4000 BC, if not earlier in the British museum. Here is a link to the image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/IndusValleySeals.JPG Whatever connotations the symbol has come to represent in the present times following the holocaust, it meant & bodes good luck & well-being in my culture & still does. The anticlockwise symbol represented a state of war in ancient hindu belief, one which is still adhered to this day. Live well.
—Guest Aditya Bose

Swastika -its origin and India

Swastika is a Sanskrit word composite. It consists of three words: Su + Asti + Ka Su is for goodness, Asti means to be, present, making an abode etc., and Ka means to do or make it happen. Thus the word means make goodness be present or let goodness be here, or simply put, good luck. That’s why people place Swastika sign at their homes, entrance, businesses, temples, etc. to bring good luck. As far as the origin is concerned, it’s not traceable just like Hinduism, the modern name for Sanatan Dharma --a religion that always existed having no known beginning. It was the religion of Aryans. India was known as Aryavart (the nation of Aryans). Its name changed to Bharatvarsh some 5,000 years ago, named for a noble king Bharat. Even now, India’s official name is Bharat also. Hindu name was given by Muslim invaders who entered India from the northwest and first saw the civilization along Indus river. They called the locals Hindus (they pronounce I as H), and the country became know as Hi
—Guest Surendra

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