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The Scope of Ancient History


 When did it start and stop? What areas of the world do you look at? Look here for answers.

Common Ancient History Questions
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Bye-Bye Blog

That's right, this blog is going away on May 31. About.com has decided to eliminate blogs from the sites. This site is NOT going away. There are still several

Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Today St. Martin's Press releases the first in a new series by historical fiction author Ben Kane. This one is about the second Punic War and, as the title

His Triumph Went on and on and on

In ancient Rome, after the end of the Julio-Claudian emperors and the chaotic year that followed the end of the first imperial dynasty, the Flavian dynasty

A Greek Philosopher Predicted It

Eclipse Clipart.com The Rogue Classicist says that it may have been on this day in 585 B.C. that Thales predicted a solar eclipse. Eclipses

On This Day the Mother of the First Christian Emperor...

Helena, mother of the first Christian emperor, Constantine I, St. Helena Clipart.com traveled to the Holy Land where some believe she discovered

Moses Finley

On this day in 1912, Moses Finley was born in New York City. After studying law, during the McCarthy era, Finley moved to England and taught classics at

A 14-Year-Old Became Emperor

Elagablus Coin Copyright the Trustees of the British Museum, produced by Natalia Bauer for the Portable Antiquities On this day in ancient Roman history:

Beans Appeased the Dead

During the Lemuria, Romans appeased the dead with beans.



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