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The Roman Republic's Government

The Roman Republic was a form of government that mixed democracy with aristocracy and monarchy.

The 8th Labor of Hercules and Diomedes' Carnivorous Horses

The 8h Labor of Hercules, a two-part drama where Hercules is tricked, has a pang of conscience, and beats an evil prince and his carnivorous horses.

Herbs and Spices of the Ancient World

For National Herbs and Spices Day, here are three herbs and spices that trace their origins back to ancient times.

Ancient History in the News Today

Ancient times aren't just in the past. Here are the latest news stories about all things ancient you need to know now.

Was King Midas Real?

King Midas was famous in myth for turning everything he touched to gold. But a real-life ancient Midas might have turned alliances and rebellions to gold!

The Deeds of the Dioscuri: Castor and Pollux

Leda and Zeus didn't just have Helen - they spawned Castor and Polydeuces, a.k.a. Pollux. Check out the twin twosome's good and bad deeds.

Why You Should Care About Palmyra

ISIS has taken over the Syrian city of Palmyra. Here are four reasons Palmyra is an incredible treasure of the ancient world.

Death, Diplomacy, and the End of Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty

After King Tutankhamun's death, the glitz and glamor of his dynasty descended into murder and mayhem.

Himilco the Navigator

Meet Himilco, one of the greatest explorers of the ancient world. He might've made it all the way to Britain and Ireland!

The Sibylline Books

Roman generals, politicians, and priests all used prophecies to guide their actions. Where'd they come from? In part, the famous Sibylline Books.

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