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To Poison a Prince

Who killed Germanicus? Ancient history's greatest murder mystery comes to life.

No Botox Needed

The Egyptians didn't have youth serum, but the pharaohs renewed their connection to the gods - and the land - periodically.

Fifty Shades of Antiquity

There were far more than fifty shades of kink in antiquity. Check out how to get sexy like the ancients.

Tainted Love

Romeo and Juliet weren't literature's only doomed duo. An mythological general fell hard for a rival queen, but it didn't end well.

A Game of Thongs

What did the ancients wear underneath their robes? We uncover the sexy secrets of long-lost lingerie.

Kubaba, A Queen Among Kings

There was only one mythical queen in Sumer. Who was the fabulous Kubaba, and why did later sources malign her?

A King By Any Other Name

The ancients called their rulers all sorts of things!. Here are some regal monikers that reveal much about cultural concepts of kingship.

So You Want to Read About….

Learn about ancient history through the fun of historical fiction! From princes to private investigators, these true characters bring the past to life.

The Goddess of Love's Not-So-Secret Love Children

Aphrodite was the goddess of love, and she sure enjoyed making it. Here are five of her lesser-known kids who had a big impact on myths.

Georgia - and Spain - on My Mind

Did you know that that Spain and Portugal weren't the only Iberians in town? There was also an ancient kingdom of Iberia in Caucasian Georgia. Cousins, perhaps?

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