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N.S. Gill

On This Day in History - Robert Graves' Birthday

By July 24, 2013

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On This Day in History: A prolific writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, Robert Graves lived from July 24, 1895 - December 7, 1985. For fans of ancient history and the classics, Robert Graves is probably best known as the author of the I, Claudius books or the TV series based on them or as the author of a two-volume work on Greek mythology. Born in the UK, Graves served in WWI and then attended Oxford. The first I, Claudius book was published in 1934; its sequel, Claudius the God, the following year. Graves published The White Goddess in 1948 and The Greek Myths in 1955. Other works relevant to the period covered by this site include King Jesus, an historical novel published in 1946, The Hebrew Myths, in 1964, and Count Belisarius, in 1938. There are more.

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July 24, 2011 at 9:59 pm
(1) historyfanatic says:

A great man. Through his novels, he has introduced so many people to ancient history that might never have given it a second thought. Who knows how many careers in the Classics he sparked. Robert Graves and Colleen McCullough were the ones that opened this world for me.

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