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Ancient History December 2012 Archive


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Sunday December 30, 2012
For ancient Roman agriculturists, the months of December and January were downtime. Despite this, January was a relatively quiet month, events-wise -- not a month brimming with festivals. Major events ... Read More

Myth Monday - The Story of Anat and Aqhat

Monday December 24, 2012
The fragmentary Canaanite story of Anat and Aqhat tells of a hunter goddess and mistress of animals (potnia theron) thwarted by a miraculously-born, mortal hero. Like another virgin hunter, ... Read More

Guess Who

Wednesday December 19, 2012
WebMuseum, Paris Note/Hint: A different picture was used last year. Answer What's the significance of this character at ... Read More

Myth Monday - Janus Looks to the New Year

Monday December 17, 2012
I had planned to use this blog closer to New Year's Eve, but the next two Mondays are holidays around here and this topic was requested, so here's your New ... Read More

Guess Whose

Wednesday December 12, 2012
CC Flickr User Portableantiquities Hint: Minted c. 49 B.C. Answer. Related: About ... Read More

Myth Monday - Requests

Monday December 10, 2012
Horus and Osiris NYPL Digital Gallery I plan to streamline Myth Monday next year. In the meantime, for the remaining weeks of the year I ... Read More

Guess Who

Wednesday December 5, 2012
Answer Relateds: Zeus, the Recent Victor of the Titanomachy, Wins Once More in Hesiod's 'Theogony' The Titans Which Greek Goddess Are You? The Most Important Heroes in Greek Myth ... Read More

Myth Monday - Kronos vs. Zeus

Monday December 3, 2012
Saturn Cutting off Cupid's Wings with a Scythe (1802) by Ivan Akimov (Tretyakov Gallery) PD Courtesy of Wikipedia Now that it is December, solar ... Read More

November Round-Up

Saturday December 1, 2012
Lion Attacking Bull at Persepolis CC Flickr User Cordelia Persen In case you missed any of the new articles in November, here's a ... Read More

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