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St. Basil the Great


St. Basil the Great Icon

St. Basil the Great Icon

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Distinctions of St. Basil the Great:

St. Basil the Great is one of the three Cappadocian Fathers (with Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianzus), and one of the Three Holy Hierarchs (with Gregory of Nazianzus and John Chrysostom). Basil's Rules and Shorter Rules provide the guidelines for all monastic orders in the East.

St. Basil the Great was one of the 8 great Doctors of the Church (Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, Gregory the Great, Athanasius, John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, and Gregory of Nazianzus).

Occupation: Christian


St. Basil the Great was born in 329 in Caesarea of Cappadocia. He died 1 January 379.


St. Basil the Great was ordained Bishop of Caesarea in 370. This also made him Metropolitan of Cappadocia.

Controveries / Heresies:

St. Basil the Great was involved in the Arian controversy and suffered from his position although he was more accommodating in his theology than some who condemned it.


Basil's brother Gregory of Nyssa and his friend St. Gregory Nazianzen wrote eulogies. He was mentioned by other church fathers.


Basil's most famous writing was on the six days of creation: Hexaemeron. More than 300 of his letters remain. The editio princeps of his writing appeared in 1551.

Saint's Day:

14 June

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