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Mates of Apollo and Apollo's Children


Apollo Chasing Daphne, by Gianbattista Tiepolo.

Apollo Chasing Daphne, by Gianbattista Tiepolo.

Public Domain. Courtesy of Wikipedia.
Apollo mated with many women and a few men. He sired mostly males.

Apollo's Mates: Women

  • Marpessa (daughter of Euenos)
    Their offspring was Kleopatra, wife of Meleager, although her father may have been Idas. Parthenos is said to have been Apollo's only daughter [by Chrysothemis (see below)].
  • Chione (daughter of Daedalion)
    Their son was Philammon.
  • Koronis? (the daughter of Azan)
  • Daphne (daughter of Gaia)
  • Arsinoe (daughter of Leukippos)
    Their son was Asklepios (Asclepius).
  • Kassandra (Cassandra)
    See Hughes' Oresteia for information on the prophetess who actually rejected the god.
  • Kyrene
    Their son was Aristaios
  • Melia (an Oceanid)
    Their child was Teneros.
  • Eudne (daughter of Poseidon)
    Their son was Iamos.
  • Thero (daughter of Phylas)
    Their child was Chairon
  • Psamathe (daughter of Krotopos)
    Linos was their son who was killed by dogs.
  • Philonis (daughter of Deion)
    Philammon, their son, was the first man to train choruses of young women.
  • Chrysothemis
    Their daughter was Parthenos who after an early death become the constellation Virgo.

Apollo's Mates: Men

  • Hyakinthos
    Ovid Met. 10.162-219
  • Kyparissos
    Ovid Met. 10.106-42

Source: Timothy Gantz' Early Greek Myth.

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