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Latin Language - Learning Latin
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Latin resources for people studying the Latin language. Also see Latin Pages on this site.
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Latin - Learning the Language Resources
To read Latin literature you must first learn the the grammar of the language, either through instruction, or on your own, online or otherwise. Resources here are specific to this stage in the life of a Latin student.

Latin - Mastering the Language - Writing and Reading
Once you've mastered the basic grammar of Latin, it's time to learn how the Roman writers wrote (prose composition) and how to read or translate the poetry (scansion, meter) and prose.

Why Your Kids Should Learn Latin
Logic and enhanced performance on both the verbal and math SATs as well as simple pleasure are some of the reasons.

Latin - Abbreviations
Abbreviations for common (and not-so-common) Latin phrases and slogans.

Latin - Clubs
High school Latin clubs and Junior Classical League chapters.

Latin - Dictionaries
Latin-English dictionaries and other vocabulary and reference aids.

Latin - Etymology
Latin etymology, word origins and word lists.

Latin - For Children
Children's books and songs in Latin for children.

Latin - For Non-Latinists
Latin maxims, sayings, and other resources for students and others who don't know Latin.

Latin - Games
Latin is more than just literature and grammar. It is also fun and learning games.

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