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March History Month - Ancient Woman of the Day


In honor of Women's History Month, here are thirty-one -- one for each day of March -- women from antiquity whose accomplishments or reputations (for good or evil) have survived. This is no small feat, since even more than in modern history, ancient women had a very small voice. Here are queens -- some of whom ruled in their own right or through children -- poets, courtesans, a philosopher, the exemplary Roman mother, Cornelia, and the equally notorious Clodia, about whom Cicero and Catullus wrote. This list generally excludes women whose names are usually prefaced by "the legendary."
  1. Agrippina the Elder
  2. Agrippina the Younger
  3. Anyte of Tegea - Earthly Muse
  4. Artemisia of Halicarnassus
  5. Aspasia of Miletus
  6. Bathsheba
  7. Boudicca of the Iceni
  8. Cleopatra of Egypt
  9. Clodia
  10. Cornelia - Mother of the Gracchi
  11. Egeria - the Pilgrim
  12. Hatshepsut - Ruler of Egypt
  13. Helena - Mother of Constantine the Great
  14. Hypatia of Alexandria
  15. Julia Domna of Emesa
  16. Julia Drusilla
  17. Julia Maesa of Emesa
  18. Korinna - Earthly Muse
  19. Lais - Courtesan
  20. Mary Magdalen
  21. Moero - Earthly Muse
  22. Nefertiti of Egypt
  23. Nitocris of Egypt
  24. Nossis of Locri - Earthly Muse
  25. Phryne - Courtesan
  26. Praxilla - Earthly Muse
  27. Sappho of Lesbos
  28. Sulpicia
  29. Telesilla - Earthly Muse
  30. Tomyris of the Massagetai
  31. Zenobia of Palmyra

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