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Myth - Greek and Roman Mythology

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Gregory Flood's Chart of the Roman Gods
Detailed series of tables of gods and goddesses of the indigenous Latin religion: Foreign Gods and Goddesses, Punic Names for Roman Gods, Some Etruscan Gods and Their Roman Counterparts, Gods and Goddesses of Agriculture, of Children and Childbirth, of Virtues and Personifications, Genres of Spiritual Entities, and Imperial Divi.

Basic Aspects of Greek Myth
Carlos Parada's essay, bibliography, and eight short definitions of myth from diverse sources including Mircea Eliade and H.J. Rose.

Greek Myth and Prehistory
A new look at Greek myths as part of a tradition that includes prehistory, medicine, the arrival of horses, and more. Online book by the late emeritus professor William Harris examining the social context of Greek myth.

Greek Mythology Quiz
Do you know which Muse is which? Do you know the Roman names for the Greek gods? Test your knowledge with these ten questions.

Table, by Robin Mitchell-Boyask, showing the Olympians, their associated animals and objects, places of special worship, and attributes.

The Olympian Gods
Table listing Greek and Roman names of the fourteen possible Olympians, places, animals and plants, objects, and attributes or activities.

The Olympians
J. M. Hunt's comprehensive site with information drawn from Bulfinch, Cliffs Notes, Evslin, Graves, and Edith Hamilton.

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