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Myth - Religion - Hanuman
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The Mahabharata says about Hanuman, "Thou art the mighty ape Hanuman that aided Vishnu in the incarnation of Rama in his expedition against Ravana." From Hinduism.co.za.

(http://mywebpages.comcast.net/scottandrewh/hanuman.html) Hanuman
Various attributes of the Hindu god Hanuman. Explains that Hanuman means "broken jaw." Describes Hanuman as a mischievous god who ignited his stretched prehensile monkey tail and thrashes it around Rakshasas' city.

Hanuman, the monkey god, is worshiped as the greatest devotee of Rama. He is also known as Hanumat and Pavan-Suta. His parents are Vayu (lord of winds) and Arijana. He is the god of wrestlers.

From Encyclopedia Mythica. Hanuman is the monkey god, king of Hindustan and the patron saint of learning.

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