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Articles on Major Figures in
Ancient and Classical History

Egyptian Roman Greek Christian
Many important figures who rate netlinks pages of their own do not yet have their own guide or guest written article. A box on the right of each A-Z page will give you access to information on these men and women. Mythological people and creatures have their own index.
Please note: Greek names may be transliterated into English in different ways. If you do not find the name you want, try replacing 'c' with 'k', 'y' with 'u', 'e' with 'i', 'u' with 'o' and final 'm' with 'n'.
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Major Figures in Greek Legend
Mythology Index

Achilles was the leading hero of the Greeks in the Trojan War. Homer focuses on Achilles and his wrath in The Iliad.

Actaeon was the son of Cadmus of Thebes.

Admetus was a mythological king of Thessaly.

Aemilius Paullus
Aemilius Paullus was a consul and censor during the second century B.C.

Although he used familiar stories, the Father of Tragedy brought "plot" out of obscurity.

Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek forces in the Trojan War.

Plutarch's Life of Agesilaus.

Plutarch's Life of Agis.

Agrippina the Elder
Following her mother Julia's exile, Agrippina, future mother of the Emperor Caligula, was raised by her grandfather Augustus and Livia.

Agrippina the Younger
Agrippina the younger, daughter of Agrippina the elder, was the mother of the Emperor Nero and wife of the Emperor Claudius.

Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen and so was one of the members of the Greek force against Troy in the Trojan War. Ajax killed himself.

Lyric poets from Lesbos, Alcaeus and Sappho.

Alcestis was the noble wife of King Admetus.

Alcibiades had it all: looks, charm, money, brains, good family.

Alexander the Great
Competing from his early years with a great father honed Alexander's leadership ability.

St. Ambrose
Patron saint of learning.

Amenhotep III
Glossary entry on this Egyptian monarch.

Amenhotep IV
Glossary entry on this Amarna pharaoh.

The presocratic philosopher who first saw the importance of mind.

Milesian Philosopher who believed all things came from the infinite apeiron.

Andromache was the loving wife of the Trojan Hector and the mother of their son Astyanax.

Anthony, Saint
St. Anthony, called the Father of Monasticism, was born about A.D. 251 in Egypt, and spent much of his adult life as a desert hermit (eremite).

Anthony, Mark
Plutarch's Life of Mark Antony

Antoninus Pius
One of the five good Roman emperors. Antoninus Pius adopted the future emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Woman poet who wrote epitaphs for pets and may have created the pastoral landscape.

Plutarch's Life of Aratus.

Mathematician and astronomer whose inventions helped in war.

Aristides was known as The Just but was ostracized.

Master of Old Comedy, Aristophanes poked fun at major figures of the day, including Socrates, Cleon and Euripides.

Glossary entry on one of the most influential ancient scientists, naturalists, and philosophers.

Glossary entry on the Christian heretic.

Plutarch's Life of Artaxerxes

Aspasia of Miletus
The original liberated woman, a fifth century Athenian metic.

Brief biography of the scourge of god who died on his wedding night.

Augustine, St.
One of four great fathers of the Christian Church, Augustine was born in Tagaste (modern Algeria).


Glossary entry on the first princeps of the Roman Empire.

The Augustan Age
He may have been benevolent, but he was still a dictator.

Augustus Caesar's Birthday
The chain of events leading to the establishment of the first emperor of Rome.

Aurelian (Lucius Domitius Aurelianus), was Roman emperor from A.D. 270-275.

Glossary entry on Emperor Marcus Aurelius of Gladiator fame.

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Egyptian Roman Greek Christian
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