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Contents E-text of J.W. Mackail's Latin Literature

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Latin Literature
By J. W. Mackail, Sometime Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford

A history of Latin Literature was to have been written for this series of Manuals by the late Professor William Sellar. After his death I was asked, as one of his old pupils, to carry out the work which he had undertaken; and this book is now offered as a last tribute to the memory of my dear friend and master. J. W. M.


I. The Republic (Individual Sections)

I. Origins of Latin Literature: Early Epic and Tragedy.
II. Comedy: Plautus and Terence.
III. Early Prose: The Satura, or Mixed Mode.
IV. Lucretius.
V. Lyric Poetry: Catullus.
VI. Cicero.
VII. Prose of the Ciceronian Age.

II. The Augustan Age. (Individual Sections)

I. Virgil.
II. Horace.
III. Propertius and the Elegists.
IV. Ovid.
VI. The Lesser Augustans.

III. The Empire. (Individual Sections)

I. The Rome of Nero.
II. The Silver Age.
III. Tacitus.
IV. Juvenal, The Younger Pliny, Suetonius: Decay of Classical Latin.
V. The Elocutio Novella.
VI. Early Latin Christianity.
VII. The Fourth Century.
VIII. The Beginnings of the Middle Ages.


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