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5th Century B.C. Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome Timeline

Fifth Century

  • Blue dots = Events in Ancient Roman Timeline
  • Red dots = Events in Ancient Greek Timeline

Bronze Age Greece
Dark Age Greece
Archaic Age Greece
c. 9th C. B.C. | c. 8th C. B.C. | 7th C. B.C. | 6th C. B.C.

In the table below, in the right column are links to pages on the Ancient / Classical History site related to the time periods listed on the left.

[Fifth century]
- to 400 B.C.

499 B.C.: Aristogoras' Ionian rebellion against Persians
498 B.C.: Athens at war with Aegina.
497 B.C.: Athenians attack Sardis.
495 B.C. Persians capture Miletus.
494 B.C.: Spartans under Cleomenes defeat Argives.
494 B.C.: First secessio plebis.
493 B.C.: Treaty between Spurius Cassius and the Latins.
490 B.C.: Battle of Marathon.

489 B.C.: Expedition of Miltiades to Paros. Death of Cleomenes.
487 B.C.: Ostracism of Hipparchus. Archins appointed by lot.
486 B.C.: Ostracism of Megacles. Pindar's 7th Pythian.
486 B.C.: lex agraria of Spurius Cassius.
485 B.C.: Death of Darius.
484 B.C.: Ostracism of Xanthippus.
482-474 B.C.: War with Veii
483 B.C.: New vein of silver discovered.
483-2 B.C.: Ostracism of Aristides.
482-474 B.C.: War with Veii.
480 B.C.: Athens recalls ostracized citizens. (August) Thermopylae. (September) Salamis. (October) Solar eclipse.

479 B.C.: Platea. Mycale.
479 B.C.: Carthaginians invade Sicily. Battle of the Cremera.
477 B.C.: Delian League founded.
474 B.C.: Hiero of Syracuse defeats the Etruscans near Cumae.
472-1 B.C.: Ostracism of Themistocles.
471 B.C. : Lex Publilia Voleronis grants official recognition to the concilium plebis and tribuni plebis.
470 B.C.: Pindar's 1st Pythian. Bacchylides' 4th Ode.

c. 469 B.C.: Number of tribunes raised to ten.
468 B.C.: Battle of the Eurymedon.
467-462 B.C.: Athens led by Cimon.
467 B.C.: Delian League defeats Persia at battle of Eurymedon River.
465 B.C.: Revolt of isle of Thasos against Delian League.
464 B.C.: Revolt of helots.
463 B.C.: Surrender of Thasos.
461 B.C.: Ostracism of Cimon.
460 B.C.: First Pelopponesian War. Thucydides born.

459 B.C.: Athens wins Megara.
c. 458 B.C.: L. Minucius and his army trapped by the Aequi at Mt. Algidus.
457 B.C.: Battle of Tanagra. Athenian conquest of Aegina.
456 B.C.: Lex Icilia de Aventino publicando provides land allotments for the plebs on the Aventine.
454 B.C.: Delian League treasury transferred from Delos to Athens.
452 B.C.: Thirty Years' peace between Argos and Lacedaemon.Five year's truce between Athenians and Peloponnesians.
451 B.C.: Pericles' citizenship law.
451-450 B.C.: Period of the decemviri.
450 B.C.: Twelve Tables

449 B.C.: Secessio plebis.
448 B.C.: Pericles acropolis building project. Peace with Persia.
447 B.C.: Athens loses Megara.
447 B.C: Quaestors elected by the people for the first time.
446 B.C.: Thirty Years' Peace between Athens and Sparta.
445 B.C.: Lex Canuleia allows patrician-plebeian intermarriage.
444 B.C.: Treaty between Rome and Ardea.
443 B.C.: Establishment of the censorship.
442 B.C.: Ostracism of Thucydides, son of Melesias.
440 B.C.: Revolt of Samos.

439 B.C.: L. Minucius appointed to oversee Rome's grain supply in a time of famine.
438 B.C.: Chryselephantine Athena set up in the Parthenon.
435 B.C.: Sea victory of Corcyra over Corinth.
433 B.C.: Revolt of Potidaea.
433 B.C.: Establishment of Temple of Apollo.
432-1 B.C.: Corinth and Corcyra begin fighting. Peloponnesian War begins.
Battle of Potidaea.
431 B.C.: Romans defeat the Aequi at Mt. Algidus.

429 B.C.: Pericles dies 425 B.C.: Cleon leads Athens.
428-425 B.C.: Rome takes Fidenae away from Veii.
425 B.C.: Herodotus writes his History.
424 B.C.: Battle of Amphipolis
422 B.C.: Second Battle of Amphipolis
421 B.C.: Peace of Nicias.
421 B.C.: Quaestors increased to four and opened up to plebeians.
421-0 B.C.: Defensive alliance between Athens and Sparta.

419 B.C.: Alliance between Athens and Argos.
418 B.C.: Battle of Mantinea. Argos allies with Sparta. Eleusinian decree.
417 B.C.: Ostracism of Hyperbolus.
415 B.C.: Alcibiades. Mutilation of the Hermae. Athenian expedition to Sicily.
413 B.C.: Spartan disaster in Sicily.
412 B.C.: Revolt of Athenian allies.
411 B.C.: Battle of Syme. Revolt of Rhodes. Revolt of Abydus and Lampsacus. Revolt of Euboea. Four Hundred overthrown. Evagoras becomes king of Salamis.
410 B.C.: Battle of Cyzicus. Democracy restored in Athens. Athens recovers Thasos.

409 B.C.: Athens recovers Colophon, but loses Pylos and Nisaea. Carthage invades Sicily.
408 B.C.: Athens recovers Chalcedon.
407 B.C.: Battle of Mytilene.
406 B.C.:Battle of Arginusae. Siege of Acragus.
405 B.C.: Athenian fleet defeated at Aegospotami. Dionysus tyrant of Syracuse makes peace with Carthage.
404 B.C.: Athens surrenders. Blockade of Athens. Rule of the Thirty. Thrasybulus seizes Phyle.
403 B.C.: Expedition of the Thirty against Thrasybulus.
400 B.C.: Celts drive out Etruscans.

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