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Latin Verb "To Become" - Fio

The Irregular Verb "to become" or "to be made" in Latin is fio, fieri, factus *sum.

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Present Tense
Singular Plural
1 fio fimus
2 fis fitis
3 fit fiunt
Singular Plural
1 fiebam fiebamus
2 fiebas fiebatis
3 fiebat fiebant
Singular Plural
1 fiam fiemus
2 fies fietis
3 fiet fient

Perfect: factus *sum
Pluperfect: factus eram
Future perfect: factus ero

Present Tense
Singular Plural
1 fiam fiamus
2 fias fiatis
3 fiat fiant
Singular Plural
1 fierem fieremus
2 fieres fieretis
3 fieret fierent

Perfect: factus *sim
Pluperfect: factus essem

*See the conjugation for sum ("to be").

About Irregular Latin Verbs

Irregular Latin Verbs

  • Eo - to go
  • Fio - to become
  • Volo - to wish
    nolo, nolle, nolui 'to be unwilling' and malo, malle, malui 'to prefer' are similar.
  • Sum - to be
  • Do - to give
  • Fero - to carry
  • Edo - to eat

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