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Homeric Questions

The Discovery of Troy - The Great Homer Nodding - But is it Troy? - Tale of Troy or Iliad? - Mycenean Culture - The Decipherment of Linear B - Odysseus the Stranger- Homeric Geography.

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In a 1991 address to the American Philological Association, president Gregory Nagy lists some of the questions that have been labeled Homeric questions:
"Today there is no agreement about what the Homeric Question might be. Not that any one way of formulating the question in the past was ever really sufficient. Who was Homer? When and where did Homer live? Was there a Homer? Is there one author of the Iliad and Odyssey, or are there different authors for each? Is there a succession of authors or even of redactors for each? Is there for that matter a unitary Iliad, a unitary Odyssey?"

Source: "Homeric Questions," by Gregory Nagy; Transactions of the American Philological Association (1974-), Vol. 122, (1992), pp. 17-60.

Those are not exactly the questions archaeologist Kris Hirst and I examined, but they are related. Here is a list of our combined efforts:

Part I: The Discovery of Troy
Part II: The Great Homer Nodding
Part III: But is it Troy?
Part IV: Tale of Troy or Iliad?
Part V: Mycenaean Culture
Part VI: Odysseus the Stranger
Part VII: The Decipherment of Linear B
Part VIII: Homeric Geography

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