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How to Make a Mummy

No wrapping your little brother in sheets, this is the real stuff modified only slightly.

Difficulty Level: average      Time Required: 55 days

Here's How:
  1. Get four jars to hold the liver, lungs, intestines, and stomach. Keep the heart inside the body and discard the other internal body organs.
  2. Poke a rod with a hook on it through the nasal cavity to pull out the brain. Stuff the head with tree resin and sawdust.
  3. Soak the body in natron for 40 days. Then put the body on an inclining couch so the liquids and natron fall to the bottom into a pan. Discard.
  4. Rub the body with olibanum oil to make the skin supple.
  5. Pack the body to make it more lifelike (with spices or sawdust).
  6. Use wax to seal any incisions.
  7. Tear fine linen into strips 16 yards long and 2-8 inches wide.
  8. Wrap the smaller extremities (toes and fingers) first.
  9. Next, wrap the limbs, and finally, the torso.
  10. Sing appropriate chants over each body part.
  11. Secure linen with tree resin.
  12. Tuck in an amulet after every few layers.
  1. You'll need over 1000 yards of fine linen.
  2. The wrapping should take 15 days. .
  3. Natron is a drying solution from the Nile area. It's similar to baking soda and salt

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