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Ancient/Classical History Forum Quotes from the Year 2000
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•  Aliens, Atlantis, Alternative
THE multi-faceted About Ancient/Classical History forum is "a welcome place to learn, sometimes teach, and mainly to enjoy roamin (no pun) through ancient history," according to co-host Jim Bloom, and "loonie-toons sometimes! Hehehe!!" according to contributor Mista Bumpy. Its split personality comes through in the forum folders:
  • Rome
  • Greece/Hellas
  • Military History
  • Egypt/Near East
  • Language and Linguistics
  • The Bible as History
  • Mythology
  • A,A,A (Aliens, Atlantis, and Alternative Theories)
  • , the all-purpose spot for material that would be better left out of a school paper.
The forum is composed of regulars, occasional visitors, lurkers, people who come to find the answer to a specific question and then leave, and the co-hosts. The co-hosts have folders on their specialties.
  • Jim (JosephusHOST) hosts the Military and Bible as History folders.
  • Irene (RomaHOST) handles the Roman History forum and leads a twice monthly Roman book discussion chat.
  • Robin (RobinHOST) hosts the Egypt/Near East folder.
  • Rich (RichHHOST) hosts the folder for writers.
  • Raseneb (HellasHOST) hosts Greek History.
The list of regulars includes helpful, considerate, witty, humorous, and informed people. Some post photos of themselves, their animals, or their characters in their sig files. One puts up a new image almost every time he posts. Another hosts a gardening website. Another is a microbiologist. Another is an Episcopal clergyman. Yet another is working on a dissertation on Sparta. Some contributors are self-taught; others are university educated. Still others are professors.

Here is a list of the more active participants of 2000 (colors alternate for ease of reading):
Michael H. Standart, Kris (KDOTTO), Cn. (PAPAGNAEUS), (AULUS), (SIKADER), (HERRBUMPY), Lee Markland (LEEMARKLAND), Keenir (KEENIR), (PAINCONTROL_), Don (DON20MAN), dottie3 (DOTTIE3), (JORGEALONS1), , and (WALLIS6).

If you have a topic for discussion or a question about ancient history, please feel free to post it. No matter how obvious it may seem, if you don't know the answer, chances are someone else will be curious, too.

Please join us on the Ancient/Classical History forum. This forum is moderated to avoid obvious insults, flaming, and going wildly off-topic. If you like what you see, please introduce yourself, and tell us where your interests in antiquity lie.

On the following pages you will find samples of the posts in the topic areas of:

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