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Another Joseph and Mary

Joseph of Arimathea

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Mary Magdalene

Joseph of Arimathea on the Web
• (freespace.virgin.net/david.ford2/joseph.html) St.Joseph of Arimathea: Ancestor of Kings?
Suggests Joseph took his nephew, Jesus, to England on his tin trading missions.
Abstract: Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the Turin Shroud
Daniel C. Scavone suggests that Joseph of Arimathea may have gathered the blood of Jesus not in a cup but in the burial shroud, making holy grail and Turin Shroud one and the same. He further suggests that Joseph never went to England but to Edessa where the royal palace was known as Britio Edessenorum.
• [rodent.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/grlmenu.htm] The Holy Grail
Discusses grail controversy. Is it a cup or a plate? Also explains Perceval's obsession. Includes 18 online images.
• From [www.celtic-twilight.com/hhhg/hhhg_b1_i.htm] The High History of the Holy Graal
"And this Joseph was his mother's uncle, that had been a soldier of Pilate's seven years, nor asked he of him none other guerdon of his service but only to take down the body of Our Saviour from hanging on the cross. The boon him seemed full great when it was granted him, and full little to Pilate seemed the guerdon; for right well had Joseph served him, and had he asked to have gold or land thereof, willingly would he have given it to him. And for this did Pilate make him a gift of the Saviour's body, for he supposed that Joseph should have dragged the same shamefully through the city of Jerusalem when it had been taken down from the cross, and should have left it without the city in some mean place. But the Good Soldier had no mind thereto, but rather honoured the body the most he might, rather laid it along in the Holy Sepulchre and kept safe the lance whereof He was smitten in the side and the most Holy Vessel wherein they that believed on Him received with awe the blood that ran down from His wounds when He was set upon the rood."

Who Was Joseph?

When Jesus' earthly, carpenter father died, it appears that his mother's paternal uncle, also a Joseph, took him into his care. Joseph of Arimathea was a merchant who may have traded in England for tin. If so much is true, it is possible that Jesus went with his great uncle on at least one such mission.

When Jesus was on the cross, Joseph is said to have held out Jesus' Last Supper cup to gather the blood. This cup became the Holy Grail which Joseph took with him when he went back to England with twelve disciples to teach Christianity. He is said to have landed in Glastonbury which was later made famous in Arthurian legend.

Joseph is also supposed to have provided the burial sheet with which Jesus was wrapped and which subsequently became the shroud of Turin. It's possible that shroud and grail were one.

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