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Nymphs aren't quite goddesses, but aren't entirely mortal, either. Read more about nymphs, in general, and specific nymphs.

Amalthea is a nymph connected with the legend of the raising of Zeus and the cornucopia. Read how.

Ovid on Galatea
Polyphemus describes the beautiful nymph he loves.

Arethusa was a nymph connected with the goddess Artemis. Learn more about her in this glossary entry on Aresthusa.

The Story of Callisto
According to some, the future constellation Callisto was a nymph.

Nymphs - Glossary Entry
Nymphs (Greek plural: nymphai) are mythological nature spirits that appear as beautiful young women

Nymphs of Nysa
The Nymphs of Nysa are followers of Dionysus. Read more about how they came to be the god's followers.

Glossary entry on the nymph Echo whose name now refers to a weakening sound.

Maia is a Greek nymph associated with Hermes. Learn more about the nymph Maia in this glossary entry.

Find out why Zeus decided against marrying the nymph Thetis.

Hylas and the Nymph
The young Hylas joined the Argonauts as a companion of Hercules, but the great hero wasn't the only one who fancied the youth.

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