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Ovid Amores

The Latin text of Ovid Amores.
  1. Ovid Amores Book I (19)
  2. Ovid Amores Book II (20)
  3. Ovid Amores Book III (15)

Ovid Poems
A quick look at the corpus of Ovid poems.

OVID: THE AMORES A complete English translation
A. S. Kline has translated the Amores into English.

Ovid the Amores
Elegy-by-elegy summary of Ovid the Amores

Cupid is Ovid's muse in the Amores.

Baldness, Germany and the Date of Ovid Amores 1.14
A look at references to what history lies behind a segment of Ovid Amores 1.14.

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