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Queen of Sheba


Definition: The Queen of Sheba was the queen of a south Arabian country who went to visit the wise Biblical King Solomon, in about 1000 B.C. The Queen of Sheba's visit is told in I Kings 10: 1 - 13 and II Chronicles 9.

Sheba was a queen in her own right, possibly of the Sabaeans, although what exact area the she ruled over is debated. It may have covered Ethiopia and Yemen. In Muslim stories about the Queen of Sheba, her mother is a jinn.

Stories about the Queen of Sheba include:

  • the murder of her first husband so that she could rule alone,

  • her masculine hairy legs,

  • her "unnatural" refusal to remarry to bear children, and

  • Sheba's later subjugation to a husband from Yemen.


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Also Known As: Bilquis, Makeda
Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?

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