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Alexander - Bibliography and Articles About Alexander the Great

Reviews of books on Alexander the Great, journal articles on Alexander the Great, and bibliographies.

Why Did Alexander Burn Persepolis?
A look at the reasons for Alexander the Great's regretful destruction of the palaces at Persepolis.

Was Alexander the Great a Greek?
A major figure in Greek history, Alexander the Great conquered much of the world, spreading Greek culture from India to Egypt, but the question of whether Alexander the Great was actually Greek continues to spark debate. Here's a look at some arguments.

What Color Was Alexander the Great's Hair?
An answer to the question of the hair color of Alexander the Great.

Hellenistic Greece
Alexander the Great spread Greek culture throughout the area he conquered. This period of history is referred to as Hellenistic and follows the Classical.

Virtues of War - A Novel of Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield
Virtues of War - A Novel of Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield is a story of the battles and conquests of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great Quotes
Quotations about Alexander the Great or attributed to him. Alexander the Great quotes.

Lebanon Under Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great sold the people of Tyre into slavery.

Map of the Route of Alexander
Map of the route of Alexander from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

Alexander the Great Pictures
Pictures of Alexander the Great from Google.

Map of Alexander in the East
A map showing Alexander the Great's generally eastward lines of conquest from Frank Smitha's site.

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