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Men, Women, Maps, and Ancient Civilizations

Biographies of famous ancient people. Maps of ancient geographic areas of the world. Information on countries, empires, cities, and other places in the ancient world. Also information on ethnic and cultural groups.
  1. Daily Life & Afterlife (302)
  2. Democracy & Government (64)
  3. Events & Dates (206)
  4. Maps (283)
  5. People (2801)
  6. Where & How They Lived (1057)

People and Places
Here's a page for the people and places on this ancient classical history site that lists them by these categories: Gods and Goddesses, Rulers, Heroes, Playwrights, Writers, Ancient Historians, Philosophers, and Religious Leaders, for people; Rome, Greece, China, Egypt, People of the...

Dates for Major Events in Ancient History
Time line of major events in the ancient history of the world. Most dates and events on the ancient history timeline are of political importance.

Occupation Index
An index of occupations of famous people in ancient history. Occupation should be thought of loosely as what the individuals, human, legendary, or divine, spent their time on.

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