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Ancient /Classical History Glossary (Dictionary) of Terms to Know

Please note: Greek words may be transliterated into English in different ways. If you do not find the name you want, try replacing 'c' with 'k', 'y' with 'u', 'e' or 'ei' with 'i', 'u' with 'o', final 'm' with 'n', and final 'n' with nothing. See Useful tips on reading Greek names in English. Also see brief How Do You Spell...? Most of the references in this glossary are to short identifications, but some are to articles. The primary emphasis of this site is the customary one, the classical world, i.e., Greece and Rome.
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  1. A-F Terms (858)
  2. Christianity Glossary
  3. G-M Terms (310)
  4. N-R Terms (664)
  5. Roman Architecture Glossary
  6. S-Z Terms (230)
  7. Terms to Learn (74)

Beginners' Egyptian Terms Glossary
Egyptian Terms for beginners.

Roman Terms Glossary
An A to Z glossary of Roman terms. Learn significant words about Rome from the 7 hills, 12 tablets, and Ab Urbe Condita to ... well, not exactly z, but the Gallic enemy of Rome Vercingetorix and the Vinalia festival.

What Are Some Special Terms Connected to the Ancient Olympics
To get into the spirit of the difference between Olympic games then and now, learn some of the technical terms connected with the most famous of the ancient panhellenic games.

Beginners' Egyptian Terms Glossary
Egyptian Terms for beginners.

Ancient Egypt Glossary
Identification of important terms and people to know about ancient Egypt. This is an evolving list.

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