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King Solomon


King Solomon was the last of the Biblical kings of the United Monarchy period. He was that child of King David and Bathsheba chosen to be David's successor, even though he wasn't the oldest son.

Solomon is thought to have had hundreds of wives and concubines, and to have maintained mostly peaceful relations with his neighbors during the decades of his reign.

Solomon has been credited with writing Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Song of Songs in the Old Testament.

1. Who Was Solomon?

Basics on King Solomon, including the meaning of his name and the name used in I Chronicles

2. Temple of Solomon

Prior to Solomon's financing the construction of the First Temple on the mount in Jerusalem, the sacred articles were housed in a moveable tabernacle. The First Temple was destroyed about 350 years later. Nothing remains of the building, although descriptions in I Kings provide some clues.

3. Wisdom of Solomon

Solomon was renowned for his wisdom, which was granted him in a dream dialogue with Yahweh. Solomon's wisdom may appear a bit different from that of other ancient sages, but like the Socratic philosophers, he wanted to do what was right.

4. Solomon and Sheba

Solomon and Sheba are sexually linked in the popular imagination -- it makes a better story than what appears in the canonical Books of the Old Testament. There Solomon and Sheba's encounter has as much romance as any encounter between Trojan War hero Odysseus or his son, Telemachus, and the local lords whose islands they visited: see, for example, Odyssey Book XV.

5. The Wives of Solomon

The wife of Solomon, when mentioned in the singular, is the daughter of the Egyptian pharaoh, but Solomon had hundreds more. No wonder people look to the Queen of Sheba as just one in the long series.

It was the wives of Solomon who led the king into idolatry, according to the Old Testament.

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