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Biblical History

Biblical History, with particular regard to the books of the Old Testament and their relationship to archaeology and history.
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  2. Ancient Israel and Judaea
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Caesarea Maritima
Caesarea Maritima was an important city in Biblical history from its start as one of the accomplishments of Herod the Great.

Is the Bible Fact or Fiction - From Archaeology at About.com
Using ancient texts as the basis for historical investigation was--and still is--fraught with peril in any culture. Governments and religious leaders have vested interests in seeing that religious texts and nationalistic myths remain unchanged and unchallenged.

What Are the Ten Commandments?
What are the Ten Commandments from the Book of Exodus in the Bible?

12 Tribes
The land of ancient Israel was divided into 11 sections corresponding with 11 of the 12 tribes, since one of tribes was not assigned land.

Plagues on Egypt
A list of the Biblical plagues.

John the Baptist
John the Baptist was a Jewish forerunner of Jesus who baptized believers in the imminent coming of Judgment Day.

Eras of Ancient Jewish History
Timeline of Jewish history from the time of Abraham until roughly the time of Jesus.

Temple of Solomon
Information on the Temple of Solomon.

Wives of Solomon
Information on the wives of Solomon.

How the Jews Lived in Jesus' Time
Understanding how the Jews lived in Jesus' time requires reading the New Testament within the context of first-century Judaism and the Roman Empire.

Solomon and Sheba
The Biblical passage showing the meeting of Solomon and Sheba.

The Philistines
Glossary entry on the Philistines.

Wisdom of Solomon
The Biblical passage showing the classical example of the wisdom of Solomon.

Hebrew and Biblical Names
Here's some help for naming a child using a name from the Bible.

The Bible story of Moses, the Jewish lawgiver.

The Roots of Historic Hanukkah
The popular Jewish holiday of Hanukkah actually has no biblical basis. Instead, it commemorates a Jewish revolt when a priestly family led followers to take back the Temple in Jerusalem.

Household and Family Religion in Antiquity
Review of Household and Family Religion in Antiquity, edited by John Bodel and Saul M. Olyan.

Basic information on the Chaldeans.

Biblical History Maps
These are maps to help you visualize the ancient regions discussed in the Bible.

Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Glossary
Qumran is a region of the Dead Sea that yielded a treasure trove of Biblical documents.

How Jezebel came to be known as the wicked queen Jezebel.
How Jezebel came to be known as the wicked queen Jezebel.

The Book of Ruth Features a Loyal Heroine
Highlights of the Book of Ruth.

The Story of Moses
Articles on aspects of the story of Moses.

Early Christianity Glossary
Most of the terms in this glossary refer to the early years of Christianity.

Possible time frames for the dating of the Exodus.

Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg
Legends of the Jews, by Louis Ginzberg is a public domain etext about the fascinating characters in Biblical history from the creation to Jacob.

King Solomon's Mines
The location of what are called King Solomon's mines.

Leviticus is a book of scripture.

Non-canonical writing that is considered by some to be the work of the ancient patriarchs and prophets written from about 200 B.C. to 200 A.D.

The settlement of Qumran was between the Judaean desert and the Dead Sea. It may have been settled by the separatist sect of the Second Temple Period who are called Essenes. Qumran was abandoned before the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.

Septuagint is the Greek name for the Jewish Scriptures.

The Talmud is a body of Jewish law and tradition.

Top Myths about Ancient History - Today's Myths About the Past
Today we have a variety of "urban legends" about the past. Here are some of what are probably misconceptions.

Recommended Bible Translations for Historical Study
Biblical history students will find guidance for recommended Bible translations for their study.

Biblical Archaeology
"Some, but by no means all, biblical scholars are interested in proving the absolute truth of the bible. Others see the bible as a historical document, and seek to find evidence supporting some of the events reported."

Finding Biblical History in the New Testament
Finding biblical history in the New Testament accounts of Jesus' life and ministry, can require some digging. The text provides clues to Jewish society that can be traced through additional sources.

The Story of Moses
Articles on aspects of the story of Moses.

Chanukah is a Jewish festival of lights held around the time of the winter solstice in commemoration of the Maccabees and the oil for the menorah.

Glossary entry on Moabite.

Book of Ruth E-Text
KJV of The Book of Ruth from the Old Testament.

Jesus is the central figure of the Christian religion. Although our dating system refers to time before the birth of Jesus as B.C., for before Christ, it is thought that Jesus was born a few years before our era. He is thought to have died when about 33.

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