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Maps - Biblical

Maps of Jerusalem, Palestine, Israel, Canaan, and other area maps mentioned in the Bible.

Biblical History Maps
Maps of the Holy Lands based on Ancient History and the Bible.

Biblical Maps
Online maps of the ancient lands of the Bible.

Canaan and the Israelite Kingdom
Side-by-side maps of Israel during the period of the judges and Israel/Canaan during the reign of King David. For background on the period, see the MidEast Web site.

Dead Sea Map
Map from The World of the Scrolls site showing the Dead Sea Qumran, Masada, Jericho, and Jerusalem.

Hellenistic and Christian Palestine
Maps of Hellenistic cities and Roman cities built under Herod in Palestine. For information on the expulsion of the Jews from the area, see MidEast Web site.

Twelve Tribes in Canaan
Map of the locations of the twelve tribes during the period between Joshua and Saul, 1400-1100 BC. From Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands.

Two Kingdoms and Time of Jesus Maps
One map showing Israel and Judea and another map showing Israel (Palestine) at the time of Jesus, with Galilee and Samaria prominent in the latter. For more information, see MidEast Web site.

Sea of Galilee
Glossary entry on the Sea of Galilee.

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