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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar


Major Events in the Timeline of Julius Caesar

102/100 B.C. - July 13/12 - Caesar's Birth

84 - Caesar marries the daughter of L. Cornelius Cinna

75 - Pirates capture Caesar

73 - Caesar is elected Pontifex

69 - Caesar is quaestor. Julia, Caesar's aunt (Marius' widow), dies. Cornelia, the wife of Caesar, dies

67 - Caesar marries Pompeia

65 - Caesar is elected Aedile

63 - Caesar is elected Pontifex Maximus

62 - Caesar is praetor. Caesar divorces Pompeia

Tatum's Always I Am Caesar offers insight.
61 - Caesar is Propraetor of Further Spain

60 - Caesar is elected Consul and forms the Triumvirate

59 - Caesar is Consul

58 - Caesar defeats the Helvetii and Germans

55 - Caesar crosses the Rhine and invades Britain

54 - Caesar's daughter, who is also Pompey's wife, dies

53 - Crassus is killed

52 - Clodius is murdered; Caesar defeats Vercingetorix

49 - Caesar crosses the Rubicon - Civil War begins

48 - Pompey is murdered

46 - Thapsus Battle (Tunisia) against Cato and Scipio. Caesar made dictator. (Third time.)

45 or 44 (Before Lupercalia) - Caesar is declared dictator for life; literally perpetual dictator*

Ides of March - Caesar is assassinated

*For most of us, the distinction between perpetual dictator and dictator for life is trivial; however, it is a source of controversy for some.
Caesar's final step, according to Alfoldi, was a compromise. He had been designated Dictator in perpetuum (Livy Ep. CXVI), or as the coins read, Dictator perpetuo (never, according to Alfoldi p. 36, perpetuus; note that Cicero** cited the dative, dictatori perpetuo, which could fit either form), apparently in the fall of 45 B.C. (Alfoldi pp. 14-15). He had taken up this new dictatorship upon the conclusion of his fourth annual dictatorship on or near February 15."
Mason Hammond. Review of "Studien über Caesars Monarchie by Andreas Alföldi." The Classical Weekly, Vol. 48, No. 7 (Feb. 28, 1955), pp. 100-102.
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** C. Caesari, dictatori perpetuo,
Cic. Phil. 2.87

Cicero (106-43 B.C.) and Livy (59 B.C.-A.D. 17) were contemporaries of Caesar.

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