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Timeline of the Major Events by Year in the Life of Julius Caesar



July 13, 100 Caesar's Birth
84 Marries daughter of L. Cornelius Cinna
80-78 Goes to Asia
75 Captured by Pirates
73 Elected Pontifex
69 Cornelia dies
67 Marries Pompeia
65 Elected Aedile
63 Elected Pontifex Maximus
62 Divorces Pompeia following the Bona Dea scandal
61 Governor of Further Spain
60 Becomes Consul and forms the Triumvirate
59 Consul. Marries Calpurnia
58 Defeats Helvetii and Germans
55 Crosses the Rhine; Invades Britain
54 His daughter, Pompey's wife, dies
53 Crassus killed
52 Clodius murdered; Caesar defeats Vercingetorix
49 Crosses the Rubicon - Civil War begins
48 Pompey murdered
45 Declared dictator for life
44 Ides of March, assassinated

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