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China & Egypt

History, archaeology, and rulers of ancient Egypt. Economy, trade, the rulers, and technology of ancient China.
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Accomplishments in Ancient China
Learn about ancient Chinese accomplishments and technological progress made beginning in the neolithic period. This covers Ancient China from roughly 12,000 B.C. through the 6th century A.D.

Ancient Egypt Pictures
The land of the Nile, sphinxes, hieroglyphs, pyramids, and famously cursed archaeologists exhuming mummies from painted and gilded sarcophagi, ancient Egypt fuels the imagination. Here are photographs and art works giving a glimpse of ancient Egypt.

Buddhism was a major religion in ancient China. Here you'll learn something about its origins and a bit about its major concepts.

Confucius and Confucianism
The man referred to as the Master, the works of Confucius, and a quick look at his moral philosophy.

China in Pictures
A step-by-step look at ancient China, with photos and pictures.

Dynasties and Kingdoms in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian kingdoms and dynasties, and the dates and names of the basic periods of ancient Egyptian history.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
A look at some of the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt whom you should know.

Dynasties of Ancient China
The archaeology of ancient China takes us back to roughly 2500 B.C. The first dynasty, largely legendary, but attested to by radiocarbon dating, is from the Bronze Age, the Xia dynasty. The first three dynasty are sometimes combined together as the three holy dynasties. Like Egyptian chronology, with its "kingdoms" interlaced with intermediate...

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