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Si-wang-mu - the Mother Queen of the West


Definition: Si-wang-mu, who lived eternally in the Jade Mountains, was a Chinese mother goddess or Mother Queen of the West. She was a deputy of heaven who could see the world from her mountain peak and send punishments to evil doers. Si-wang-mu may have been the same goddess as Si-mu of the oracle bones. In the first century B.C., Si-Wang-Mu is paired with Dung-wang-fu, the father king of the East. During the second century A.D., Si-wang-mu was depicted with wings. She has also been depicted with serpent's tails for feet.
When the Emperor Mu requested that she give him the elixir of immortality, Si-wang-mu refused, but shared with him, instead, seven peaches which he planned to plant to obtain immortality. He then learned they bear fruit only once in 3000 years and not on earth.
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Alternate Spellings: Xi-wang-mu, Hsi wang mu, Si wang mu, Xi wang mu

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