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Democracy - The Institution of Democracy in Athens

Democracy was developed by the people of Athens. It was considered by outsiders to be a form of mob rule since all the citizens in Athens voted. Oligarchy was the norm and democracy the exception.
  1. Rise of Democracy (14)

Introduction to Greek Democracy
The ancient Greeks are credited with inventing the institution of democracy. Their governmental system wasn't designed for the enormous spread-out and diverse populations of modern industrialized countries, but there were problems, and the problems led to inventive solutions.

Greek Idiots - Democracy and Voting - FAQ
Were all ancient Greeks required to vote or risk being fined and labeled idiots?

7 Stages in Athenian Democracy
Seven stages in the Athenian version of the democratic form of government

Timeline of Athens With Focus on Democracy
A timeline of ancient Athens focusing on the rise and fall of democracy.

Democracy Then and Now
Part of the Rise of Athenian Democracy series. Solon's reforms of the class system and the assembly led to the beginning of democracy in Athens.

Ostracism - Athenian Democracy Instituted Ostracism
Part of Athenian democracy was the institution of ostracism whereby the people could temporarily get rid of someone they feared.

Pericles Funeral Oration
Glossary entry on Pericles Funeral Oration.

Establishment of Democracy
"The Early History of Athens, Down to the Establishment of Democracy by Clisthenes, B.C. 510," from William Smith's Smaller History of Greece covers the period of Solon in Athens.

Conscription in Ancient Athens
Hoplite service was compulsory in Classical Athens, although the idea of conscription seems to be at odds with the personal freedom of Athenian democracy

Review: Democracy and Knowledge, by Josiah Ober
Review of Democracy and Knowledge, by Josiah Ober.

Ostraka were the voting paraphernalia for getting rid of public figures.

Glossary entry on Cylon.

Eponymous Heroes
Each of the ten tribes of Athens was named for a hero. That is what is meant by an eponymous hero.

30 Tyrants
After Athens lost the Peloponnesian War, her democracy was replaced by the oligarchic system of the Thirty Tyrants.

10 Tribes of Athens
List of the 10 tribes of Athens.

Love, Sex, and Tragedy, by Simon Goldhill Book Review
Book Review of Simon Goldhill's Love, Sex, and Tragedy, a new answer to the "Why study classics?" question.

Athenian Political Laws
Sanderson Beck's section on Athenian laws includes a biography of Solon with notes on his life after his archonship.

Rise of Athens and the Athenian Democracy With a Glance at Sparta
From John Porter's site, background information, Greek terms, and readings about the period in Athenian history from Solon to Cleisthenes.

Eclectic Bibliography of World Democracy
An annotated bibiography with notes about voting and the way democratic government was run in ancient Athens.

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