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What Was the Relationship Between Caesar and Augustus?


Question: What Was the Relationship Between Caesar and Augustus?
Augustus (aka Gaius Octavius or C. Julius Caesar Octavianus) became the first Roman emperor mainly because he had been adopted by Julius Caesar. Caesar is often referred to as Augustus' uncle. What was the exact relationship between Caesar and Augustus?
Answer: Gaius Octavius (Augustus), born September 23, 63 B.C., was the son of Octavius, a praetor from Velitrae, and Atia, the daughter of Julius Caesar's sister Julia. When Caesar went to Spain to fight the Pompeians in 45 B.C., Gaius Octavius went with him. Caesar arranging the schedule in advance, named Gaius Octavius Master of the Horse for 43 or 42 B.C. Caesar died in 44 B.C. and in his will adopted Gaius Octavius. Octavius took the name C. Julius Caesar Octavianus at this point.

Source: DIR Augustus

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