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Definition: Numerian or Numerianus was a Roman emperor from A.D. 283-284. Numerian was Emperor Carus' younger son who was made Caesar when his father became emperor in 282. When Carus went to fight the Persians, he took his son Numerian with him and the Praetorian Prefect Aper. When Carus died, in 283, Aper may have been responsible for having Numerian named Augustus and emperor of the East. Numerian's older brother Carinus became Emperor in the West. There does not appear to have been a conclusion reached in the Persian campaign. Later, while Numerian visited Emesa, he became ill. His death in November 284, after 14 months as emperor, was concealed for some days, but when it was discovered, Aper was blamed for the death and stabbed by the commander of the imperial bodyguard, Valerius Diocles, the man who became the Emperor Diocletian.
Source: DIR Numerian
Also Known As: Numerianus

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