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Imperator Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus


One of the emperors during the year of the four emperors. (More info on Otho beneath his picture.)


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Otho (Marcus Salvius Otho, born on 28 April A. D. 32 and died on 16 April A.D. 69) of Etruscan ancestry and the son of a Roman knight, was emperor of Rome in A.D. 69. He had entertained hopes of being adopted by Galba whom he had helped, but then turned against Galba. After Otho's soldiers proclaimed him emperor on January 15, 69, he had Galba assassinated. Meanwhile the troops in Germany proclaimed Vitellius emperor. Otho offered to share the power and to make Vitellius his son-in-law, but that was not in the cards. After Otho's defeat at Bedriacum on April 14, it is thought that shame led Otho to plan his suicide. He was succeeded by Vitellius.

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