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Flood Myth

There are stories from around the world about the great flood, often with the theme that it is a punishment for mankind's wickedness. There are also questions about whether Noah's flood could actually have occurred. Ballard's salvage work in the Black Sea is an example of the most recent type of research into these issues.
  1. Epic of Gilgamesh (4)

What Is Myth?
A starting point for looking at the nature of myths is to say that myths are stories shared by a group, and which are a part of their cultural identity, but it is a debated issue for those whose truths are scorned as myth and for scholars of various backgrounds.

Deucalion and Pyrrha
Deucalion and Pyrrha survive the great deluge in the Greek myth to land upon Mt. Parnassus and to try to repopulate the world by interpreting a strange instruction.

Find a comparison of some of the world's flood stories and studies, both mythologically focused and scientific.

Myths vs. Legends
Myths, legends, folktales and fairy tales are all stories with more or less truth behind them. Bingley looks at the difference between the ancient stories of gods and mortals.

Bulfinch's Mythology - The Flood - Deucalion
Bulfinch retells much of Greek mythology. Here he takes on the Greek flood myth, the story of Deucalion and Pyrrha: "So saying he [Jupiter] took a thunderbolt, and was about to launch it at the world, and destroy it by burning; but recollecting the danger that such a conflagration might set heaven itself on fire, he changed his plan, and resolved to drown it. "

Flood Stories From Around the World
This collection of flood stories includes the Chinese (Zhuang era): "Bubo, though, rode the waves floating on an inverted umbrella."

A Possible Origin of Myths and Floods
This Hungarian paper compares natural catastrophes with religion. "It seems likely that all these floods took place during the last deglaciation period, during the transition from Pleistocene to Holocene. The most likely time for the biblical Flood is about 8,250 B.C. (10,200 B.P.), the end of the Younger Dryas cold episode."

Universal Flood Myths
A large collection of flood stories from around the world.

Flood Myths
From Morgana's Observatory, a large collection of flood stories from around the world.

Black Sea
From "National Geographic." Dr. Ballard, the stories and theories of the flood, and current exploration.

Problems with a Global Flood
Addresses problems in the logistics of outfitting Noah's ark.

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