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Short English Phrases From the Forum in Latin Translation

The Art of Matching English With Non-Equivalent Latin Concepts


"In My Family I Will Protect" Latin Translation

  • Inter progeniem meum defendam
  • Inter progeniem meum custodiam
This forum thread bears looking at to see what happens when you try to use a Latin-English dictionary without understanding of the differences between English and Latin. Progeniem refers to offspring. Inter means "among" or "between".

"This Family Is Enthusiastically Appreciative" Latin Translation

  • Justi et ardentes aestimatores rerum
  • Grati cum ardore in omnia
Here, again, the English concepts are different from the Latin ones. Ardentes or ardore are related to the Latin for "burn" and are familiar to English-speakers in the word "ardent". Both Latin translations include the notion of something that is appreciated; that is, the family couldn't just be appreciative, but had to appreciate things or everything. Grati is found in the abbreviation e.g. (for example).

The forum discussions on these Latin translations are still open. Perhaps someone will come up with an example from literature that conveys the same thought.

"Return With Honor" Latin Translation

  • Redi cum honore
  • Refer cum honore
  • Reverte cum honore

"Context Is Everything" Latin Translation

  • Contextus est omnia
  • Contexta sunt omnia
  • Contextus est principalis

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