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Government and Officials

Read introductory material on the law codes that became the base of British and then U.S. law, the kings of the legendary period, magistrates (officials), the senate, plebeians, the Roman Republic, their consuls, and the towns of Ancient Rome.
  1. Conflict of the Orders (7)
  2. Cursus Honorum (13)
  3. Govt in Italy and Beyond (4)
  4. Kings (30)
  5. Officials and Magistrates (30)
  6. Republic of Rome
  7. Roman Consuls (15)
  8. Roman Emperors
  9. Roman Law (33)
  10. Roman Senate (6)
  11. Roman Voting (10)

3 Branches of Government in the Roman Republic
The Roman Republican form of government had three branches, the consul, the senate, and the assembly, and these three branches of Republican Rome meant that there were elements of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy in the Roman Republican form of government.

The Roman Senate and Senators According to Livy
Livy shows the role of senators in the early years of Rome, both the monarchy and the Republic.

Roman Imperial Succession in the Julio-Claudian Era
During the Julio-Claudian era, the Roman Empire was still new and imperial succession strategies were being worked out.

12 Tables
Highlights from the 12 Tables.

Glossary entry on imperium.

1st Triumvirate Timeline
The First Triumvirate -- a word referring to three men, was formed in the Roman Republic after Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar had demonstrated their power.

Glossary entry on the period when the government is described as the Principate.

The curia was where the senators met and is thought to have been the body that gave imperium to the kings.

The Servian Reforms
Servius Tullius increased the tax basis and added many young men to the list of those who could be recruited for the constant Roman wars. His reforms to Roman society are known as the Servian reforms.

A Roman group of political leaders.

Comitia Curiata
Basic information on the political body of early Rome called the Comitia Curiata.

The interregnum was the period between kings.

Politics and Society in Imperial Rome, by Aloys Winterling
A look at Aloys Winterling's Politics and Society in Imperial Rome.

12 Tables
Highlights from the 12 Tables.

Glossary entry on imperium.

Italian Treaties
As Rome expanded into the Italian territories, it formed treaties with the Italian peoples.

Plebeian Tribune
Glossary entry on the Roman Plebeian Tribune.

Profile of the Roman Tribunes

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