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Ancient Greece and Rome

The history, arts, social life, languages, wars, and myths of Greece and Rome, from the Mycenaean, Bronze, and Dark Ages, and from the archaic period through the fall of the Roman Empire.
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  4. Greece
  5. Greece vs. Rome
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Greek and Roman Gods
Learn the names of the god with corresponding powers in the Greek and Roman pantheons.

Facts About Ancient Greece
What we call Greece is known to its inhabitants as Hellas. The name "Greece" comes from the name the Romans applied to Hellas -- Graecia. While the people of ancient Hellas thought of themselves as Hellenes, the ancient Romans called them by the Latin word "Graeci" from which we get the word "Greek."

Facts About Italy
Basic information about the Italic peninsula on which the city of Rome was located and from which the Roman Empire radiated.

Who Were the Ancient Historians?
One of Greece's contributions to the world was the development of the genre of history. History emerged from other styles of non-fiction writing, particularly travel writing. There were also ancient biographers and chroniclers. Here are some of the major ancient writers of ancient history or on closely related topics.

Defining Ancient/Classical History
This article attempts to define the period of ancient/classical history by contrasting it with what came before (pre-history) and what came after (Middle Ages).

How do you spell ... ?
It's hard enough to look up words written using the Roman alphabet -- like English, but it becomes nearly impossible when they're spelled using other alphabets. Here are some tips.

Dates for Major Events in Ancient History
Time line of major events in the ancient history of the world. Most dates and events on the ancient history timeline are of political importance.

Abbreviations for Classical Authors and Their Literature
A list of the abbreviations for classical works and authors with the full names spelled out. If you want to know what, for instance, "Hp. Morb. Sacr." means, this list will show that this conventional abbreviation stands for "Hippocrates, De morbo sacro."

Also see Classical abbreviations from an online 1911 encyclopedia.

Ancient Rome Study Questions
As you read about ancient Rome and the different periods, from the legendary, through the period of the Republic, and on to the Empire, keep these questions in mind.

Doctors - Famous Ancient Greek and Roman Physicians
The Greeks and Romans contributed greatly to the field of medicine, advancing it substantially from a magic-based process to one involving regimens, like diet and exercise, and observation, diagnosis, and more. Although the main contributions come from real, dead men, the Greeks and Romans credited some less believable figures with discovering...

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