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Comparison of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome may be compared in many ways, including in terms of the position of women in society, geography and the ramifications of geographical differences, and government.

Comparisons Between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
Both Greece and Rome were ancient Mediterranean countries, and Rome copied much of the Greek culture, but Rome and Greece (especially Athens) were very different. Here are some of the areas of difference listing some of the basic points of comparison.

Archaic Greek and Legendary Roman Timelines
Events in ancient Greece and Rome by century with links to pages on this site on relevant topics.

Comparison of Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Gods
Table comparing the ancient Greek gods and goddesses with the names given similar gods and goddesses by the ancient Romans.

Plutarch's Comparative Lives
Plutarch compares the lives of notable Romans and Greeks, including a comparison of Demosthenes with Cicero, Lucullus with Cimon, Pelopidas with Marcellus, Numa with Lycurgus, Fabius with Pericles, Philopoemen with Flamininus, and Pompey with Agesilaus.

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