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Heinrich Schliemann


Heinrich Schliemann

Heinrich Schliemann

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Definition: Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) is known for having excavated an area that he believed was the site of the Trojan War. At Hissarlik, where he worked from 1870-73, he discovered what was called "Priam's Treasure." Then, in 1876, Schliemann excavated "shaft graves" in Mycenae, and in the process uncovered a hitherto unknown civilization, the Mycenaean. Schliemann found a Mycenaean palace with frescoes at Tiryns, in the Peloponnese.

Schliemann is controversial. Some of his reported findings are untrue, some deliberately. We do not know with certainty whether Schliemann found the site of the actual Trojan War, but archaeologists have excavated 9 Troys in the general area Schliemann excavated, and the one Schliemann found is not thought to have been Homer's.

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