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Ancient Greek Pottery

Pictures of ancient pottery vases from Greece


These photos of ancient Greek pottery show the early geometric period designs using the technological advance of a quickly turning potter's wheel, as well as later black figure and red figure. Many of the scenes depicted come from Greek mythology.

Not all Greek pottery appears red. Mark Cartwright's article on Greek pottery, in the Ancient History Encyclopedia, mentions that Corinthian clay was pale, buff colored, but the clay or ceramos (whence, ceramics) used in Athens was iron-rich and therefore orange-red. Firing was at a relatively low temperature compared with Chinese porcelain, but was done repeatedly. [See Chinese Pottery.]

Ancient Greek Picture Gallery

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Amphora from c. 530 B.C.; attributed to the Ivy Painter. At the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Ivy Painter AmphoraLarge late Geometric Attic amphora, c. 725 B.C. - 700 B.C. at the Louvre.Late Geometric AmphoraAeneas carrying Anchises. Attic black-figure oinochoe, c. 520-510 BC.Oinochoe - Black FigureLate Geometric Period Oinochoe With Battle Scene. 750-725 B.C.Oinochoe
Heracles entering Olympus, olpe by the Amasis Painter, 550–530 B.C.Olpe, by the Amasis Painter - Black FigureDionysos, Ariadne, satyrs and maenads. Side A of an Attic red-figure calyx-krater, c. 400-375 B.C.Calyx-Krater - Red FigureHercules leading a big headed four-legged monster, late black figure bowlHercules Black FigureTheseus. From Theseus and the Gathering of the Argonauts. Attic red-figure calyx, 460-450 B.C.Calyx-Krater - Red Figure
Castor. From Theseus and the Gathering of the Argonauts.  Calyx-Krater - Red FigureHeracles and the gathering of the ArgonautsCalx-Krater - Red FigureTheseus Fighting the Crommyonian SowKylix - Red FigureEos and Her Chariot. Red-figure krater from South Italy, from 430-420 B.C.Kylix Krater - Red Figure
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