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Timeline of the Ancient Greek and Roman Historians










Occupation Index | Historians Timeline

5th Century B.C. Greek Historians:

Herodotus (480-425 B.C.)

Greek historian

Thucydides (460- ? B.C.)

Greek historian with military experience in the Peloponnesian War


4th Century B.C. Greek Historians:


Xenophon (?-c.355 B.C.)

Greek general and historian


2nd Century B.C. Greek Historians:


Polybius (c.200-c.118 B.C.)

Greek Historian of Rome from 220-146 B.C. and Achaean League Hipparch


1st Century B.C. Roman and Greek Historians:


Cornelius Nepos (c.100-35 B.C.)


Sallust (86-35 B.C.)

Historian and politician

Strabo (63 B.C. - ?)

Greco-roman geographer and historian

Diodorus Siculus (fl. c.60-30 B.C.)

Sicilian Greek historian of the world centered on Rome

Titus Livius or Livy (59 B.C.-A.D. 17)

Roman historian

Velleius Paterculus (c.19 B.C.-c.A.D. 30)

Roman historian


1st Century A.D. Roman and Greek Historians:


Josephus (c.A.D. 37- c.100)

Jewish historian

Tacitus (A.D.54-119)

Roman historian

Plutarch (c.A.D.45-c.125)

Greco-roman moralist and historian

Suetonius (c.71-c.135)

Roman biographer


2nd Century A.D. Roman and Greek Historians:


Dio Cassius (c.150-235)

Roman historian


4th Century A.D. Roman and Greek Historians:


Ammianus Marcellinus (4th C)

Historian and biographer

Eutropius (c. 320-c.390?)

Roman historian

Eunapius (A.D.349-c.414)

Byzantine historian


5th Century A.D. and Beyond Roman and Greek Historians:


Sozomen (5th Century)

Historian of the Christian Church

Priscus of Panion (5th C)

Historian and bureaucrat

Zosimus (5th-6th Century)

Historian, count, and treasury lawyer

Procopius (6th Century)

Byzantine Historian and secretary


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