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The ancient Greeks made various contributions to the field of literature. They made innovations in poetry, created the genres of tragedy and comedy, and developed the field of history.
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  2. Ancient Greek Poetry (25)
  3. Classics (13)
  4. Epic (12)
  5. Greek Anthology (24)
  6. Greek Language
  7. Greek Theater (75)
  8. Homer
  9. Iambic and Elgiac Poetry (3)
  10. Xenophon in English (28)

Pages on this site about the Greek philosophers, their beliefs, and, in some cases, their writing.

Greek Writers Timeline
Chronological list of writers of Ancient Greece.

Ancient / Classical History Glossary - Main Glossary
The Ancient / Classical History glossary is an evolving resource on people and topics in ancient history, mythology and classical literature, mostly with very brief descriptions and biographies.

Greece (Hellas) Site Guide
A guide to the pages from the Ancient / Classical History site at About covering Ancient Greece (especially Athens and Sparta), the Greeks, Hellenes, Argive, Achaeans, and Danaans, their lifestyle, technology, language, literature, and philosophy.

Timeline of Greek Writers - Chronological list of writers of Ancient G
Chronological list of Greek writers with approximate dates.

Theophrastus - Philosopher and Author of the Characters
Theophrastus was a Greek philosopher and pupil of Plato's and Aristotle's, known for his still apt character sketches.

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