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Greek Mythology - Gods and Heroes in Greek Mythology

This is a starting point. While you'll find some Greek mythology pages -- basically of the sort that defy further categorization, like quizzes -- this is the entry point to pages on the Greek heroes, the Greek gods and goddesses, and Greco-Roman mythology.Also see: Gods/Goddesses of Greek Mythology | Creation Stories | Introduction to Myth; Legend, Myth and Religion
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  2. Greek Mythology Stories (46)
  3. Heroes
  4. House of Tantalus (12)
  5. Roman Gods (22)
  6. Trojan War
  7. Women In Myth (55)

Heroes - A Who's Who of Greek Legend
Some of the major legendary heroes from Greek mythology.

Myth Monday
Myth Monday

Quiz on Mythology
Self-grading multiple choice questions on Greek mythology.

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece - The 12 Olympians
The 12 Olympian gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Although there were only twelve gods and goddesses thought to live on Mt. Olympus, there are fourteen names associated with it.

Which Greek Goddess Are You?
A non-serious personality quiz to determine which Greek goddess you most resemble.

Which Greek Hero Are You?
A non-serious personality quiz to determine which Greek hero you are most like.

Read About Ancient Mythology
Read about Greek mythology, gods and goddesses, and the flood and creation myths from around the world.


Hawthorne - Tales from Greek Mythology, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne, famous for "The Scarlet Letter", also wrote stories from Greek mythology. On this page is Hawthorne's version of the Golden Fleece. The linkbox at the top of the page will direct you to the other Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Bulfinch - Stories of Gods and Heroes, by Thomas Bulfinch
Thomas Bulfinch wrote stories based on the world's mythology. Here you'll find the stories based on Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology.

Pandora's Box
Bulfinch tells the story of Pandora, sister-in-law of Prometheus, and the famous magic box she was not supposed to open. Can you guess what came next?

Matching Quiz on the Gods and Goddesses
Take this matching quiz on Greek mythology, mostly the major gods and goddesses, but there are some more obscure points, as well. Answers follow a gap.

Learn about the giant mythological hunter who became more familiar as a constellation.

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