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Definition: The seven sages were 7 Archaic Age Greek men who lived in the later 7th and the first half of the following century B.C. There is disagreement over the last three of them, but the ones agreed on are Thales, Bias, Pittacus, and Solon. Writers differ with respect to the apophthegms of the Seven Sages, especially ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ 'know thyself', and ΜΕΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ 'nothing in excess', attributing these to different authors. [K. Freeman and H. Diels: Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers]

Here's a standard list of the seven sages, the 7 men considered the wisest in Ancient Greece.

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Source: Diogenes Laertius' Thales xiv [c. 200 A.D. (The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers. Translated by C. D. Yonge, B. A.)]

Also See: New Text for Delphic Maxims for a link to Oikonomides, A.N.'s Records of "The Commandments of the Seven Wise Men" in the 3rd century B.C.; The Classical Bulletin, Vol. 63(3), Summer 1987, pp 67-76.

Also Known As: Seven Wise Men
Jona Lendering says the first western reference to the seven sages comes from Plato, Protagoras 343a. He also says the concept of the seven sages was probably introduced from Babylon.

Here is a collection of some of the commandments of the seven sages as translated in The Stoic's Bible & Florilegium for the Good Life by Giles Lauren

1 Επου θεω (Follow God)
2 Νομω πειθου (Obey the law)
3 Θεους σεβου (Worship the Gods)
4 Γονεις αιδου (Respect your parents)
5 Ηττω υπο δικαιου (Be overcome by justice)
6 Γνωθι μαθων (Know what you have learned)
7 Ακουσας νοει (Perceive what you have heard)
8 Σαυτον ισθι (Be Yourself)
9 Γαμειν μελλε (Intend to get married)
10 Καιρον γνωθι (Know your opportunity)
11 Φρονει θνητα (Think as a mortal)
12 Ξepsilon;νος ων ισθι (If you are a stranger act like one)
13 Εστιαν τιμα (Honour the hearth [or Hestia])
14 Αρχε σεαυτου (Control yourself)
15 Φιλοις βοηθει (Help your friends)
16 Θυμου κρατει (Control anger)
17 Φρονησιν ασκει (Exercise prudence)
18 Προνοιαν τιμα (Honour providence)
19 Ορκω μη χρω (Do not use an oath)
20 Φιλιαν αγαπα (Love friendship)
21 Παιδειας αντεχου (Cling to discipline)
22 Δοξαν διωκε (Pursue honour)
23 Σοφιαν ζηλου (Long for wisdom)
24 Καλον ευ λεγε (Praise the good)
25 (Ψεγε μηδενα) (Find fault with no one)
26 Επαινει αρετην (Praise virtue)
27 Πραττε δικαια (Practice what is just)
28 Θιλοις ευνοει (Be kind to friends)
29 Εχθρους αμυνου (Watch out for your enemies)
30 Ευγενειαν ασκει (Exercise nobility of character)
31 Κακιας απεχου (Shun evil)
32 Κοινος γινου (Be impartial)
33 Ιδια φυλαττε (Guard what is yours)
34 Αλλοτριων απεχου (Shun what belongs to others)
35 Ακουε παντα (Listen to everyone)
36 Ευφημος ιοθι (Be (religiously) silent)
37 Φιλω χαριζου (Do a favour for a friend)
38 Μηδεν αγαν (Nothing to excess)
39 Χρονου φειδου (Use time sparingly)
40 Ορα το μελλον (Foresee the future)
41 Υβριν μισει (Despise Insolence)
42 Ικετας αιδου (Have respect for suppliants)
43 Παςιν αρμοζου (Be accommodating in everything)
44 Υιους παιδευε (Educate your sons)
45 Εχων χαριζου (Give what you have)
46 Δολον φοβου (Fear deceit)
47 Ευλογει παντας (Speak well of everyone)
48 Φιλοσοφος γινου (Be a seeker of wisdom)
49 Οσια κρινε (Choose what is divine)
50 Γνους πραττε (Act when you know)

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