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Helios - Greek Mythology Helios

Helios, often confused with Apollo, was the son of titans and father of Phaethon. Helios was the sun god in Greek mythology.

Helius is the sun god of the Greeks and is also the sun itself. He is equated with the Roman Sol.

The mythological origins of amber come from the story of Phaethon, son of Helios.

Homeric Hymn To Helios
English translation of the Homeric Hymn to Helios, son of Euryphaessa and Hyperion.

Helios Homework Help
Mythman's page on the genealogy of Helios, the sun god, and the story of his son Phaethon's fateful borrowing of his sun chariot.

From Carlos Parada's site. Helius, a second generation titan is the sun and his eye is everywhere. As a result he caught Ares and Aphrodite and Hades absconding with Persephon

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