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Maps of the Persian Empire


Persian Empire Map - 500 B.C.

Persian Empire Map - 500 B.C.

The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923.

Persian Empire Resources

Empire of Cyrus II 529 BC
A map of the Persian Empire, from Frank Smitha's site. the map shows the Persian Empire extending from the Aegean Sea to the Aral and South past Jerusalem.

Interactive Map of Parthia
Requires shockwave, but there's an alternative gif image. You can zoom in and out on the topographical map.

Iran of Achaemenids
Large JPEG file showing the extent of the Persian Empire and includes cities. B.C.

Map of Parthia at Its Greatest Extent
Another map showing the extent of the empire of Parthia. This one shows mountain areas and rivers but lacks labels for these.

Maps of Middle East
Maps of Assyrian Empire (746 - 609 B.C.), Babylonian Empire (609 - 539 B.C.), Persian Empire (550 - 330 B.C.), and Macedonian Empire (During the reign of Alexander the Great (III) 336 - 323 B.C.).

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