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Definition: Gnaeus Naevius (c. 270 B.C.-201 B.C.), a Latin, perhaps from Campania, was an epic poet, a Roman dramatist in the tradition of Greek comedy and, later, in the new style of Fabulae Praetexta, and one of the early figures in the history of Roman satire. Only fragments of Naevius' work survives.

Naevius served as a soldier in the 1st Punic War. By 235, Naevius was producing tragedies at Rome based on Greek originals, but later, he put the actors into Roman magisterial togas and made plots based on Roman history and contemporary events, which led to imprisonment, apologies, and release, followed, later by new criticism of his contemporaries resulting in exile. We know more of Naevius as a comic poet, though, even if only in have 5 times as many names of them as we do of the tragedies he wrote.

Source: Roman Literature, by Augustus Samuel Wilkins.

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