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Map of the Underworld & Information on Atlantis
Map of the Underworld

The Underworld. From Andrea de Jorio, Viaggio di Enea all' inferno ed agli elisii secondo Virgilio (3rd ed.; Naples: Fibreno, 1831)

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The Underworld is the land of the dead. There haven't been too many people who visited and lived to tell about it and of those who did, well... let's just say Orpheus was a musician, not a cartographer. Heroes like Aeneas and Odysseus describe the Underworld, and other literary references give us some idea of what the Ancient Greeks and Romans thought they'd find there after they crossed over in Charon's ferry.

The Greek Underworld and Its Gods

Map of the Underworld
By Carlos Parada, a map showing where Odysseus and Aeneas traveled in the Underworld, the land of the dead. Also Islands of the Blest.


Was there ever a place called Atlantis? If there was, do we know where? Some consider the historical existence a matter of faith; others find no evidence for it as anything but a parable in the writing of Plato. Even for those who think Atlantis is the name of an ancient civilization, its location is controversial.

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